Texas Hold'em Odds and Ranking for Two Big Cards

Number of Hands: 160 of 1.326
Odds: 7,3/1

Different Ranks: 2

category number odds distrib. chance totaled
Suited 40 32/1 25,00% 3,02% 3,02%
Off Suit 120 10/1 75,00% 9,05% 12,07%

Examples for Two Big Cards

Best Hand:

ace of spadesking of spades

ace, king suited

Flops for AsKs

Bad Hand:

jack of diamondsten of clubs

jack, ten off

Flops for JdTc

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On top you see the Texas Hold'em hand odds for Two Big Cards.
The hand category Two Big Cards is broken up into the following 2 groups:
Suited and Off Suit.
For more information about the numbers displayed, please read the Texas Hold'em notes.