How to Play Poker?

Poker is a wonderful game - but it's not only a game, it's science, it's art, with a bit of luck and cunning added to the mix. Poker is more than just a game: it's officially a mind sport (since 2010). Poker has a specific set of rules that can be learned online, or from books - but knowing its rules is not enough. The rules themselves won't tell you how to play poker. To really play the game, you need to learn a specific set of skills and train them to perfection.


To be a good poker player, you need to be able to analyze a situation at a glance. The cards in your hand and those on the table form a specific combination, and can lead to a series of outcomes - and a lot depends on how fast you can recognize the possibilities, and how quickly you can decide what to make of them.

How to train it?

Perhaps the easiest way to train your perspicacity is (and this will surprise you) to head over to the Euro Palace Casino and play video poker. The Euro Palace has several versions of the game available for free play (and for real money play, if you like), but each of them with the same fast pace. In video poker, the succession of hands is extremely fast, which helps you get used to quickly observe and assess what you are dealt. Besides, if you are good at them, Euro Palace's video poker games can even put some extra cash in your pocket.

Reading your opponents' betting habits

Part of the secret to playing great poker is being able to predict what your opponent will do next. In real life games, you can read the person's body language and reactions to the cards at hand. Online, in turn, there's no body language to read. The only thing that can give away the intentions of your fellow players is how they bet when they have certain types of hands.

How to train it?

To read your opponents' betting habits, you need to develop two skills: observation and empathy. The first one seems easier: keep your eyes open, pay attention to everything going on. Besides, you need to understand what the other players might feel when being dealt certain hands. Through observation and empathy, and years of training, you can become a great player not only online but at the felt-covered table as well.

Don't forget to have fun

Perhaps the most important thing about poker: you have to enjoy it. If you perceive your poker play as a job, a way to make a living, you'll kill off the spirit of the game. Enjoy playing poker - it might not make you better, but it will certainly make you a happier player.