What is Casino Poker and Why do we Care

I think we can all agree that poker is not a game of chance. Yes, the order of cards in a deck is random. Yes, the cards are randomly dealt to players. But the outcome of the game is often decided not by the random order of cards dealt to players but their ability to outwit their opponents, make them believe that they have a valuable hand or simply by successfully scaring them out of the hand. There is a family of poker games, though, that does not rely on skill but chance alone. It's called "casino poker", and it often has little to no relation to "proper" poker.

What is casino poker?

Basically, casino poker games are games inspired by, based on or similar to poker that you can play at a casino. "True" poker is played by multiple players, competing for the same pot. Casino poker is played against the house, no matter if said "house" is represented by a dealer in a casino or a random number generator at the Vegas Palms online. What makes the latter option better is that it can be played with no cost involved on the player's side: one can play free multi hand poker games at Vegas Palms Casino Online and basically any other similar poker-based game the Vegas Palms has, on desktop and mobile devices alike.

Sometimes, like in the case of Video poker, casino poker is a single-player version of a poker variant (like Five Card Draw). Other times, the game has little in common with the true poker - like in the case of Pai Gow Poker, where the hand rankings are (mostly) the same as in poker but the gameplay is completely different.

What types of casino poker games are there?

The range of casino poker games is quite varied. The most basic type is video poker - basically a single-player Five Card Draw - that has emerged in the mid-1970s. It does have quite a few variants - the Vegas Palms has at least a dozen of them, some using deuces as wild cards, others only paying out for a pair of Jacks or above. Then there are the games based on popular poker variants like Hold'em, for example, with their betting rounds eliminated but with bonus payouts for various hands added. Yet others, like Three Card Poker or Pai Gow Poker, have completely different game plays than any traditional poker but rely on standard poker hand rankings to decide the winner.

Why should we care about casino poker?

Because casino poker games are fun. While they often have little to no relation to "real" poker, they are fast-paced, entertaining games, easy to learn and play, that don't require any opponents to be played. They are the perfect time killers, and they can also be profitable in the long run.