Find the Hand you Show Down in Omaha High Low

Often it is not so easy to see what is your best hand at the show down. Especially in Omaha High Low where you have to use exactly two hole cards and three cards from the board to form your hand. These two cards can be different for the High Hand and the Low Hand respectively.

At the shown down in Omaha you can form 60 different hands for High and Low, for a total of 120 possible hands. This number is calcualted: You have 6 ways to choose 2 cards form your holecards times 10 ways to choose 3 cards out of the 5 cards from the board.

  • Click on 9 cards to enter your hand.
  • The first 4 cards are your hole cards and the other are the board.

The result will show the best High hand and the best Low Hand.

Please choose 9 cards

ace of spadesking of spadesqueen of spadesjack of spadesten of spadesnine of spadeseight of spadesseven of spadessix of spadesfive of spadesfour of spadesthree of spadestwo of spades
ace of heartsking of heartsqueen of heartsjack of heartsten of heartsnine of heartseight of heartsseven of heartssix of heartsfive of heartsfour of heartsthree of heartstwo of hearts
ace of diamondsking of diamondsqueen of diamondsjack of diamondsten of diamondsnine of diamondseight of diamondsseven of diamondssix of diamondsfive of diamondsfour of diamondsthree of diamondstwo of diamonds
ace of clubsking of clubsqueen of clubsjack of clubsten of clubsnine of clubseight of clubsseven of clubssix of clubsfive of clubsfour of clubsthree of clubstwo of clubs

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