Omaha Odds and Ranking for Two Pair

Number of Hands: 2.808 of 270.725
Odds: 95/1

Different Ranks: 3

category number odds distrib. chance totaled
Double Suited 468 577/1 16,67% 0,17% 0,17%
One Suit (2-1-1) 1.872 144/1 66,67% 0,69% 0,86%
Off Suit 468 577/1 16,67% 0,17% 1,04%

Examples for Two Pair

Strong Hand:

ace of heartsace of diamondsten of heartsten of diamonds

two pair, aces, and tens, (double suited)

Bad Hand:

three of diamondsthree of clubstwo of spadestwo of hearts

two pair, threes, and deuces, (off suit)

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On top you see the Omaha odds for Two Pair
The starting hand category Two Pair is broken up into the following 3 groups:
Double Suited, One Suit (2-1-1) and Off Suit.
For more information about the numbers displayed, please read the Omaha notes.