Seven Card Stud Odds and Ranking for Pairs

Number of Hands: 3.744 of 22.100
Odds: 4,9/1

Different Ranks: 2

category number odds distrib chance totaled
Two Suits 1.872 11/1 50,00% 8,47% 8,47%
Off Suit 1.872 11/1 50,00% 8,47% 16,94%

Examples for Pairs

Strong Hand:

ace of spadesace of heartsking of spades

a pair, aces, kicker king, two suits

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Bad Hand:

three of heartstwo of diamondstwo of clubs

a pair, deuces, kicker three, off suit

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On top you see Seven Card Stud hand odds for Pairs.
The category Pairs is broken up into the following 2 groups:
Two Suits and Off Suit
For more information about the numbers displayed, please read the Seven Card Stud notes.