Seven Card Stud Odds and Ranking for Three Big Cards

Number of Hands: 640 of 22.100
Odds: 34/1

Different Ranks: 3

category number odds distrib chance totaled
Single Suited 40 552/1 6,25% 0,18% 0,18%
Two Suits 360 60/1 56,25% 1,63% 1,81%
Off Suit 240 91/1 37,50% 1,09% 2,90%

Examples for Three Big Cards

Strong Hand:

ace of spadesking of spadesqueen of spades

three big cards, ace high, kicker king, queen, single suited

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Bad Hand:

queen of heartsjack of diamondsten of clubs

three big cards, queen high, kicker jack, ten, off suit

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On top you see Seven Card Stud hand odds for Three Big Cards.
The category Three Big Cards is broken up into the following 3 groups:
Single Suited, Two Suits and Off Suit
For more information about the numbers displayed, please read the Seven Card Stud notes.