Flop Analysis for Texas Hold'em hole cards

The flop in Texas Hold'em is a very important point, most of your hand will be defined. For every hole cards there are 19.600 (50 choose 3) possible flops. Here you will find detailed statistics for every Texas Hold'em Starting Hand.

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If you want to be a successful poker player you will need to understand the basic odds and rankings of starting hands. You can also see what the odds are as the hand progresses – for example after the flop. Too many poker players put too much value on their starting hands without understanding how much value they can lose after the flop.

Best to play around a little bit and see various results for different starting hands. That should give you a good feeling for the strength and weakness of you starting hand.

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ace of spadesking of spadesqueen of spadesjack of spadesten of spadesnine of spadeseight of spadesseven of spadessix of spadesfive of spadesfour of spadesthree of spadestwo of spades
ace of heartsking of heartsqueen of heartsjack of heartsten of heartsnine of heartseight of heartsseven of heartssix of heartsfive of heartsfour of heartsthree of heartstwo of hearts
ace of diamondsking of diamondsqueen of diamondsjack of diamondsten of diamondsnine of diamondseight of diamondsseven of diamondssix of diamondsfive of diamondsfour of diamondsthree of diamondstwo of diamonds
ace of clubsking of clubsqueen of clubsjack of clubsten of clubsnine of clubseight of clubsseven of clubssix of clubsfive of clubsfour of clubsthree of clubstwo of clubs

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