7 iGaming and Poker Trends To Be Aware Of For 2021

Poker and Online Gambling Trends

With the new year in full swing and a shifting landscape of new and emerging trends in the poker sphere, the following are tipped to be the newest trends to be experienced.

Online Poker Will Grow Rapidly

While many miss the in-person contact of land-based poker rooms, the comradery of online poker chat forums is a boon to many, and with the current world climate it’s highly unlikely that the state of land-based casinos will return to what it was pre-2020 anytime soon. This will lead to much higher percentage of players who are looking for ways to still enjoy a game of poker – with live online rooms and via video poker slots.

Live Poker Tournaments Will Have Fewer Players

While Live Poker Tournaments are a popular and profitable pastime for many players, the landscape has changed. While multi-table gambling will resume with fewer numbers, the numerous restrictions in travel, accommodation, capacity of players per table and health and safety restrictions, mean that live poker tournaments are unlikely to have the crowds flock to them as they once did.

Or at least not anytime soon. With a lower turnout, live poker tournaments are also unlikely to have as enticing a prize pool, which could also result in fewer players willing to join in-person.

Cryptocurrency For iGaming Is On The Rise (Again)

Every few years it is predicted that Cryptocurrency (as a main payment form for online casinos) will grow and gain popularity, and this year seems to be the year that it is actually tipped in do so. As noted above the online casino industry is booming, and with it comes the variety of cryptocurrencies with which to pay, to play, anonymously and instantaneously. While Bitcoin is one of the main cryptocurrencies to watch, there are other notable cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on including Doge, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, Zcash, and Tron to name a few.

Online Poker Legalisation

With the number of online gambling sites growing, countries such as the USA and UK will look to gain a foothold on the market in their countries, and with many places considering legalising the rise of sports betting, it would be prudent for them to consider legalising online poker, as well as online gambling in general.

Online Gaming Companies Will Grow

With a higher market demand for online gambling, game providers will continue to grow and introduce newer online gambling games in all spheres. Newer and more innovative companies are set to swoop in to fill any foreseeable market gaps.

More Enticing Online Gambling Bonuses

As online gambling grows, established sites such as GGPoker, PlayPoker and PokerStars will continue to look for ways to keep players returning to their site, through enticing bonuses for established and new players.

Online and Offline Casino Collaborations

Many land-based casinos will be looking for ways to join in and collaborate with online casinos, and this seems to be a great way to encourage players to join in on larger and more enticing online poker tournaments. Which these poker tournaments will be beneficial for land-based casinos who will have their name touted, along with sponsoring prize pools, these kinds of partnerships will be even better for online operators like Lucky Creek who are set to dominate the money market for the foreseeable future.