Aids to Win at Poker

These are some poker aids aimed at new players who are just getting started at poker. going from basic easy to follow systems that don’t require much reading or practice to complex strategies that require the use of software.

Poker Systems

Poker systems are perfect for the complete newbie who is still gaining some play experience and has some theory to digest before using the other more complex poker aids. Systems are simple rules or steps to take given the cards dealt to you. You might not win tournament with poker systems alone, but it might be enough to win at cash games against other players that are just making random calls. All decisions are made even before cards are even dealt.

Here is a basic system sheet:

Always Play

3x The Blind

1x The Blind


















Odds charts provide better insights on your chances to win depending on the type of combination you have at hand.

Software Aids

Presently online poker players are relying more and more on software aids to help them asses their decision making. The most popular software’s are PT3 (Poker Tracker 3) and HEM (Hold Em Manager), although others are being used like HUB. These programs work synchronized with the online poker sites on your computer screen and can detect fishy tables, calculate all the rival players moves and your own to better access how much ROI are they making or losing. These plain statistics are very handy to determine the experience of opponents and if you should play hard against them or not.

Most online poker rooms ban the use of these programs since it is not considered to be fair play as all players don’t have them. The people that use the software view it as a small aid, something that can also be done with pen and paper and the software just saves them some time. Just be ware that any real-time software aid is forbidden by poker sites and your account might be banned if caught.

Poker Strategy Books

There are many books written about the game of poker, ranging from history to different forms of strategy and tactics. These are the top three poker books any player at different level of experience must read.

1. Harrington on Hold’em, by Dan Harrington (2006)

The best selling poker book in history. Dan Harrington became a poker champion in 1995 and soon after released this book at the height of the poker boom. The book is co-authored with Bill Robertie, a master chess player and game theorist. This first volume was followed by Harrington Loves Hold’em: Volume II, and Volume III. Harrington on Cash Games was his last book, but the very first one is considered to be basic strategy guide for any new player.

2. Super System 2: A Course in Poker Play by Doyle Brunson (1978)

Also known as "How I Won One Million Dollars Playing Poker" it was originally sold at $100, some $400 today. Cheap to acquire at present, Super System was considered the holy bible of poker. The book is packed with poker strategy as well as Brunson own recollection of exploits, both good and bad experiences making the book a very fun read. Co-authors include David “Chip” Reese, Mike Caro, David Sklansky, Joey Hawthorne and Bobby Baldwin.

3. The Theory of Poker by David Skalansky (1994)

Considered the poker dictionary of all time this 25 chapter strategy packed book contains all the basics and fundamentals. Not as entertaining as our other recommendations as it is missing elements of story telling and personal accounts to make it a good read. Nonetheless, the concepts debated here are perfect for smarter decision making when you are unsure of what to do in a certain situation. The unique perspective to game psychology present in this book is just priceless.

Push/Fold Charts

Push/fold equilibrium charts are a form of poker systems to help players make smarter decisions while in a short stack. These are highly used during poker tournaments when you have no other option but to go all-in during the next hand in order to survive the turn.

Software like ICMIZER 3 and PokerStove will provide online players which actions to execute based on the cards being dealt, from seating to how much to bet. The charts are based on game theory optimal (GTO) strategy.

The logic is simple, you are shoving with hands that are statistically likely to be ahead of your opponent’s calling range. These ranges take it one step further and account for your equity when called, recommending which hands to use or fold.

These charts will take into account the percentage of times you will be called and your chances of winning. Your opponent’s range Is defined by Game Theory Optimal, making the push fold charts the perfect tool to asses what action to take.

Following these aids any poker can make consistent profits and be a success during cash games and poker tournaments.