Fun Facts About Poker

Did you know that it was in 1852 that poker was first played with a 52 card deck? Up until then, gamblers would use only 20 cards. Much-loved and appreciated across the globe, poker is a card game that has grown in popularity generation after generation. Moreover, with technological and mobile advancements now, we have new ways of playing poker that allow gamblers to indulge in this game of tact from anywhere they like.

Similar to any other casino game or sports, there are many aspects of poker that people do not know about, especially those who are not part of the gambling world. For example, did you know that a poker player is likely to take home all the winnings from a tournament victory? Yes, that's because several players have backers who loan them money to play those big hands. Upon winning, these players have first to pay off their backers and then enjoy their spoils. So, for poker enthusiasts, here are a few more fun facts about the game that you might not know about.

The Variety

Online gambling has developed tremendously in these last few years, and because of that, there is a lot on offer for players. Poker, being the most popular card game, is available on almost all online establishments. Thus, for a newcomer, it is worth spending time searching through a list of casino sites to find the best option. The most beneficial thing about these sites is that they give players a bunch of bonuses even before starting, in many cases. As a result, gamblers can play poker games without investing much of their money. The trick is to compare the different offers on hand and go with a licensed casino that gives you the most.

The Numbers

To give you an idea of poker's worldwide popularity, here are some numbers and facts about its international appeal. To start with, Russia has the maximum number of online players, whereas over 20% of Americans in general play poker. The total number of poker players in the world is a whopping 75 million. However, most of them are men as the ratio of male to female players 10:1.


If you know even a little about poker, then you are aware that there are different variations to the game. Texas Hold 'em is probably the most famous one that every poker player has indulged in at least once in their life. However, did you know that there exist many other regional variations of poker that are slowly becoming more common? One of these is teen patti played in India, especially around festival times. With some online casinos now providing the option to play teen patti, it can be the perfect way to experiment with something a little different.

The Challenge

Every gambler knows that poker requires skill and understanding of human nature. But the fun part about online poker is that the dynamics of the game completely changes. Since you cannot see the other players or watch their mannerisms, the game becomes all the more challenging. For people who like playing the traditional way, there are online casinos that offer live poker with video chat, but it still requires that a player gives his or her best every minute to win the online poker match.