How Slots Games are Adapting to Changing Regulation?

Slots games are some of casino players favourites. In fact, they may be the unchallenged products that always strike home with players uncontested. And why wouldn’t they? Their entire gameplay is predicated on the concept of having fun. There are no difficult rules to learn and, if you trust the best slot sites, there are tons of excellent features that will make the experience even more entertaining than you have imagined.

But at a time of rapidly changing regulation, one question comes up again and again. How do slot games adapt to the higher demands set out by watchdogs? Well, there are quite a few successful practices already!

Keep the RTPs Fair to Players

Slot makers have always tried to help both their business clients as well as give an honest incentive to players to pursue further gameplay. Return-to-player (RTP) rates, the metric used to indicate how much a player stands to win, has been going up.

It began at sub-95% over a decade ago, but it has steadily progressed to 96.50% - 97.00%, offering many new opportunities to leave a slot machine victorious. Of course, adjusting the RTPs wasn’t the only minor tweak.

Volatility also changed. Players today are knowledgeable enough to know when they should chase big bonuses or be satisfied with the small payouts in low volatility games.

Adopt Smart New Features to Add Entertainment Value

The days of jackpots are gone – or if not gone, then at least players expect to see something more. And so, the industry has been delivering en masse. There are all sorts of new features to enjoy. Apart from wilds, scatters, and multipliers, there are also entirely new mechanics.

Just think about games such as Aloha! Cluster Pays and Finn and the Swirly Spin, which will completely reimagine how payouts happen. That touch of innovation is definitely worth one’s while. And more importantly, it has been an important magnet for everyone who is a fan of slot gaming.

Developers have made sure that all of those amazing new features also correspond to the industry’s fairness standards, too.

Cutting Edge Technology – Virtual Reality

Last but not least, there have been some amazing tweaks done to the gaming experience. The modest, but still tangible, introduction of virtual reality is one of those. Now, you won’t see VR slots en masse, but after the introduction of 3D, slot makers are trying to push the known frontiers.

Now, there have been some minor concerns here and there. For example, wouldn’t VR be too addictive of an experience? It probably would, but the truth is slot makers and games work closely with regulators. The upshot of this is that everyone can always know what to expect and how to react to change.

So, while VR slots are still at least a few good years away from us, everyone will have time to think about regulation. And regulation is changing – rapidly. The best slot games can do to comply with the rules. AS they have always been.