How to elevate your poker game

There is no denying the fact that poker is one of the most exciting and trendy casino games around. However, it can be a bit tricky to stay consistent in your winning streaks at times. If you feel as though this rings particularly true for you, don’t worry – you are certainly not alone.

In fact, the majority of poker players find themselves in similar scenarios. While there are no guarantees in poker, there are a few adjustments that one can make in order to elevate their game. Below, you will find some of our best tips on how to do so.

Think of ranges, not hands

This is a great tip because it remains applicable regardless of what kind of poker you prefer to play. One of the easiest ways in which to tell the difference between average and advanced poker players is by looking at how they think about the cards that their opponents have. Average players tend to look at specific hands, whereas more advanced players think about their opponents in terms of ranges. This type of thinking makes all the difference when it comes to calculating the odds of the game.

For clarity, a range refers to the entire spectrum of hands that your opponent could possibly have. Good poker players don’t focus on identifying the single hand that an opponent might have, but instead recognises that there is a range of possibilities and then tries to make the best play according to that.

Remember that aces lose too

While it has been ingrained in our heads for so long that aces are generally the best cards to have during a game of poker, remembering that they can also lose will go a long way in helping you elevate your game. Starting with the best imaginable hand is not enough to guarantee that you will win any game of poker.

You need to be able to take note of what your opponents are doing and then adapt accordingly. From time to time, this may mean that you need to fold your aces – it might seem counterproductive, but you will likely find it to be the best possible move for you at that stage of the game. All too often, games of poker have been lost because players refuse to let their aces and kings go, even it was the smarter choice.

Keep practising

One of the biggest mistakes that poker players make is not watching their bankroll and not practising when they think they have the hang of the game. Poker is about strategy and adapting your moves based on what your opponent does. There is no way of knowing what their moves will be prior to playing, so the best thing that you can do in the meantime is practice.

There are plenty of free online poker games and tournaments that you can join at and other sites from just about anywhere. This will help you adequately prepare for almost any poker scenario, which in turn, will elevate your game significantly.