How to find the best online casinos in India

If you turn on your television or if you go outside, you can not avoid advertisements for both old and new online casinos that all claim they are the best casino to ever have existed. It can therefore be hard to determine, which ones actually are good casinos and which ones just claim that they are. If you are confused about which casino is the best for you we have made a guide here on how to find the best casino for you.


Most sites promise you a welcome bonus if you join their site. It is a well known tactic to get people to choose their site over all their competitors. However, if you are smart, you can compare the welcome bonus you get at different sites and see where you will get the best bonus. A welcome bonus will typically be an amount of virtual money that you get, when you create an account on a site. The money is of course not real money that you can use in the real world, and you can only use it on their site. However, it is a good bonus if you want to start gambling, but you don’t want to put all your money into it just yet.

Safe gambling

It is important that you make sure that the site you are using is safe before you start gambling on it. Gambling today is such a big industry that there are many fake sites that are just trying to cheat you, so they can take your money. Before you even create an account on any site you should check whether it is safe or not. There are a few ways to check whether a site is safe. The easiest way to check if a site is safe is to check if it has a license in the country you are playing in. If it has a license you can be sure that it has been checked by the authorities and they have approved it. It is therefore a really good indicator on whether the site you are using is safe or not. However, you can be sure that most of the biggest sites like betway and so on are legal and safe, and that you don’t have to worry about putting money into their sites. However, if you find a smaller less well known site, it is always a good idea to check if it has a license or not.