How to get started in poker

The exciting world of online poker has developed dramatically in the last few years, with millions of people all across the globe playing the game.

Those of you that are a little behind the times could be missing out on taking home plenty of money.

There are a wide variety of cash games, Sit 'n' Go tournaments, qualifiers and satellites that allow you to play for big money, so why not work out the basics of this great game?

Texas Hold'Em is all about chips. No matter what all experts say, the goal is not to win hands or get good cards, it is all about winning chips. So you need to find a way that means you win more chips than your opponents.

Each hand is made up of the best five cards that you can make from the two you are dealt and the five community cards that are placed for everyone to see in the middle of the table by the dealer.

You can use none, one or both of your dealt cards, while everyone can use the same community cards to make their hand the best.

Initially two cards are handed to each player and the first round of betting takes place, before three of the community cards are placed face up for everyone to see.

A second round of betting ensues and each player still in the game will have the choice or whether to check - which would keep the bet levels as they are - or raise.

The fourth community card is then turned over, followed by further betting and a fifth community card being shown face up.

After the final round of betting, a showdown occurs between the final remaining players to see who has the best hand. Remember though, it isn't always necessarily the person with the best hand that wins in poker as if you are confident enough, you can bluff your way to the odd win against some players.

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