Top 5 mistakes made by beginners at No Limit Hold’em poker

If you’ve just started playing Hold’em and don’t know the history and the ins and outs, it’s only natural that you’ll make plenty of mistakes. That’s also the reason you must avail free bet offers of popular online casinos and hone your skills before playing with any real money. Let’s take you over the top 5 mistakes made by beginners at No Limit Hold’em poker.

Playing many hands and playing them irresponsibly

By far the most common mistake made by new Hold’em players, this one brings the downfall of majority of them. They have no idea about the position, the value of their hands and the playing style of their opponents, but still continue playing hand after hand. For instance, a newbie may look down at the ace in his hand and may think he has an excellent one. It doesn’t matter whether he is acting under the gun or his kicker is a 3. It’s good enough and he should go All in!

Frequent calling

New poker players have a common tendency of calling too often. You’d see them raising even with marginal hands, when they should actually have no business even being in the hand! Or you’d see them calling bets post-flop, having hands like gut shot straight draws or a bottom pair, just because they don’t understand hand values very well. Although calling with a bottom pair may be the right way to go, beginners don’t make that call for right reasons, instead they call simply because they’re in possession of a pair, and not because they believe their hand to be the best.

Betting frugally

Don’t be surprised if you see a new Hold’em player betting 100 chips into a pot of 2000. It happens because he/she doesn’t understand the importance of placing large bets and the issue with small bets. In their opinion, placing any bet amount is good enough. They don’t understand that placing such bets can provide their opponents with the right price to proceed in the hand; or may make them look weak, possibly resulting in a raise from another player.

Playing out of position

Beginners often don’t understand the concept of position. Raising with a hand such as A-10 may be completely different when you’re in an early position, compared to when you’re the first one to act from cut off. If you recall the basics of No Limit Texas Hold'em poker, the later position you are in, the more will be the kinds of hands you can indulge in and vice versa. You can save plenty of chips in the long term by understanding and implementing this concept.


Impatience can strike beginning poker players in many different ways. If the player hasn’t been dealt a good hand in a while and is itching to get involved in the action, he/she may start calling or bluffing irresponsibly, to somehow get involved. Furthermore, whenever a new poker player loses money, it’s a common tendency to get impatient and try to win it all back by taking unnecessary risk, which often costs even more.