Where Poker players can gamble on sports in 2020

Some poker players will enjoy sports just as much as the avid sports fan and will be just as interested in betting on the action whilst also playing the card game.

The card game has been hugely popular with players all over the world and will continue to increase in popularity, however an argument could be had in which sports betting remains the most popular thing to place a bet on.

However, the two share some similarities, which is why there has been a keen interest.

Similarities between poker and sports betting

The first of the comparisons that can be made is that both of them require some form of skill. Poker is rather obvious as players will need to learn the hands that can be formed and to be able to read what cards have already been laid in regards to their chances of being successful.

The skill element in regards to sports betting will be about the thought processes and whether a bet can actually be achieved based on the data that is available. Naturally, a wager will have a greater chance of landing if the sport is followed and with the knowledge that will have already been gained, players will be able to make justified bets about whether their decision will land.

Maths is another similarity that bettors of poker and sports betting will experience as they will need to calculate the probability of something happening. Knowing about basic statistics can be a huge help when trying to work out a bet to place, as it will help with understanding the trends that have happened in the past.

Where to bet on sports?

In essence, poker players will likely be able to get in on the sports betting in the same place they play the card game. Almost all casinos, whether they be physical establishments or online, will offer a number of available sports markets in which they can wager on.

Choosing the right sports betting operator should be approached in the same way as finding a suitable poker operator was.

Naturally, players will need to check out the markets that are made available as some bookmakers may be able to provide more options than others. Being able to join one that appears to provide an unlimited resource of options will only further enhance the experience felt whilst betting on the action and keep it rather enjoyable.

Not only is it important to check which markets are available, it is important to find which bookmakers generally offer the best odds. Some will beat many of their opponents with what they can offer, although the particular market that the player might want to bet on might not always provide the best odds available compared to other bookmakers.

There are several other factors that need to be considered by poker players looking to gamble on sports, such as the payment options that are accepted and the level of customer service offered.

Lastly, the bonuses that can be provided by bookmakers in regards to sports betting can be rather attractive and tempting, although it would be wise to do all of the above first to ensure the promotional codes available suit the needs a player has.


Indeed, poker players will already likely be experienced gamblers and will already have an idea on what to look for prior to gambling on sports betting. Many of the places they use for the card game will likely have the facility in which bets on sporting events can be placed, thus applying the same processes as they did to find the best poker room for them should apply here as well.